The Tinder & Sparks Recipe Book

After design, food is an obsession at Tinder & Sparks. We talk about it all the time, share recipes and when we get together to cook it is nothing less than a feast. So we decided we should share our best recipes with our clients. The result is the Tinder & Sparks Recipe Book, a three part magnum opus.

The first section is devoted to Quick & Dirty recipes, the ones that got us through our student days and through the worst of hangovers. The second section is Classics, the ones we can lean on as ever-reliable dishes, the kinds of dishes that our mums taught us. Finally we have Bobby Dazzlers, our current showstoppers, the ones we crack out when we want to impress.

We said from the start that every recipe should have a photo, and we decided to do this one properly, getting it in hardback, cloth-covered and foil debossed. It was a joy to put together.