The OG Newspaper

Oliver Goldsmith's story is one worth telling. He provided some of the most iconic eyewear pieces of the last century to stars such as Michael Caine and Audrey Hepburn. The company came to us for a way to showcase their fascinating newspaper clippings.

It's a wonderful resource with hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles, headlines and fashion shoots which describe the time when fashion journalism came into its own. With some hilarious headers ("Gear for girls with a mouth full of crunch almonds!") and some apposite quotes from Oliver Goldsmith himself ("You wouldn’t dream of putting a Renoir or a Picasso into a shoddy frame, would you?") it tells the brand story in brilliant detail.

They came to us with an idea to collate these clippings into a single large format, leather bound book. We felt that that would have been prohibitively expensive to produce and might prove to be too precious to be portable. Our solution was to suggest a 16-page free 'newspaper' showcasing some of the best of the clippings. They liked the idea and we produced 1000 of these on a beautiful tactile off-white paper stock. These proved to be hugely popular; in their words "People frickin' LOVE the newspapers!" and we have since printed 15,000 more.