As designers we are often involved in creating Brand Guidelines – documents which outline, among many other things, how the logo can be used, what the colour pallette is and what the tone of voice should be to anyone involved with the brand. And if it's not creating these documents then it's working within the constraints of them, using only the fonts and styles that have been sanctioned by the client.

MEATliquor don't have Brand Guidelines. We like MEATliquor.

We've been creating designs for them since 2014 and have worked on some brilliantly batshit projects. From creating a logo where the brief was simply the lyrics of a Tom Waits song, to designing a poster of a cow drinking milk from its own udders, to making the downright offensive livery of a Nissan Micra that they sponsored to drive across the Mongolian desert, it's always been with a profane sense of humour.

With 9 restaurants across the UK, they have been serving 'burgers, beats and treats' since 2009, selling what the Guardian once described as the "world's first cult burger". We inherited the design from previous designers who set the tone of the original restaurants and we have been developing it ever since. We met them just as they were opening joints in Bristol and Islington and they asked us to get involved with the branding.

Since then we have redesigned the menus, created logos for five restaurants, made posters, cards, promotional material, T-shirts, and even designed a pair of MEATliquor branded underpants. The list goes on.

They are always looking for extremely creative responses to their always-challenging ideas, and it is a pleasure to work with them.