Howling Hops Brewery

Howling Hops is a brewery like no other. It creates beautiful beers from unique recipes in its tank bar in Hackney Wick, where they are served directly from the tanks they are brewed in.

We were asked to create a new identity for the beer they had already been making downstairs and selling upstairs in their great pub, the Cock Tavern in Hackney. We spent long and happy hours sitting at the bar and immersing ourselves in the brand. When the hangover cleared we worked closely with them to develop what the substance of the brand was, what it stood for and how it could stand out in such a crowded craft-beer marketplace.

Together we created a logo composed of a beautifully wonky wordmark and an icon of two interlocking Hs, which in the centre form the eye of a wolf.

They knew that they wanted an illustrator for the labels and they wanted something that would make them utterly distinctive. We'd known about Lewis Heriz from his amazing work on the Sofrito posters, and had met him at one of their infamous parties. Naturally they loved his and work, and together Lewis and T&S worked to create a style that stood in contrast to what was already out there.

We then worked to realise their vision by branding growlers, cask labels, bottle tops and barrels with their distinctive identity.

We recommend going down to the brewery to see the brand in all its splendour and, of course, to try their amazing beers.