Eat Work Art

Netil House, Hackney Downs Studios and Old Paradise Yard provide space for some of the heaviest hitters in the London creative community. Run by the parent company, Eat Work Art, they have studios, cafés, bars, markets, theatre spaces and much more. They are a beacon for the great and the good of the creative scene.

We were asked to create a collection of brands for them that had to be the ultimate in versatile identities. They had to be both subtle and bold, beautiful but not overpowering, and they had to accurately reflect the embarrassment of talent that they have in their studios. We developed the idea of using the branding as a platform and open gallery space, where we could display the residents' work as a celebration. By taking the first letters of each studio and reducing them down to an abstract shape, we could create a family look while also giving each site a unique identity.

The scope of the project was enormous as we developed branding for the three main sites, as well as sub-brands like their rooftop space and cafés. We created murals, listings documents, newspapers adverts, toilet doors and much, much more. Some examples of the work are here and you can see more about the development of the brand here.

Artists and makers represented on the cover image: Alice SmithOli KellettMagnus GjoenNovemto KomoVita GottliebSandra DieckmannKat&BeeThe Forge