The greatest logo ever designed has now been turned into a palindromic sign which can be read from both sides by virtue of it's rotating letters.

A selection of Vintage Logos from some old adult movies. Some of these are absolutely fantastic, I love the glow in Angel Burns and the nice Paramount pastiche - surely one of the original Adbusters? You can see more here. If you like this you should aslo check out the Justice 'DVNO' video. 

June 2008 and the country is up in arms. The official logo for the London Olympics of 2012 has been released and has been derided across the nation. 50,000 people sign a petition to get it changed and MPs have put forward various motions in the House of Commons requesting the same. Stephen Bayley calls it “lazy and inept and completely without energy,” and in one of the more creative critiques, author Tom Lutz thinks, “...it represents the multicoloured vomit sprayed across the capital's pavements at 3am on your average Sunday morning.” The Sun even claimed the logo gives people epileptic fits (actually it was the flashing release video that gave people epileptic fits, but “Flashing Images Triggers Epilepsy” doesn’t really have a news element). People from around the world send in their alternative logos using the jagged elements of the London one, including a man sitting on a toilet, sex acts performed by Lisa and Bart Simpson or, in a more literal sense, the shapes were amended to spell out the word S H I T.

About Mike

I got into design through high end erotica

Having left university with the least vocational degree I could find – Philosophy and Literature – I got work at a place that I thought would amuse me until I found an actual real job. I had been looking through a website called Crazy Jobs – now sadly defunct; I also got work with them as a waiter dressed as a sailor, but that’s a whole other story – and saw an advert for a position as an office monkey at an erotic publishing company.

I got it and so began my slow, purposeful and self-willed march towards being a designer.

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