Letters that Didn’t Make it Into the Alphabet

This was a project, like so many, that started in the pub. The idea was formed as we were talking about the word “WARMTH” and the fact that there is an almost-P sound in there. We wanted to know what happened to that almost-P and naturally, as designers, we wanted to know what it looked like. We thought we were geniuses.

In the morning, the hangover cleared and the seed was still there so we had a little project on our hands. We spent long periods thinking of all the almost-sounds that there are. This led us in many directions and the project became less about hidden noises more about the secret unnamed sounds we make.

We know that in many ways it doesn’t work. The letter is not the thing. The sound is not the concept. But then we figure that an X is so much more than just a letter X, and the hidden letters became a meditation on hidden human emotions. When we showed people, to our delight, they got it straight away. They were featured at the A Side B Side Gallery in Hackney and, we are told, was their most photographed ever show. This make us happy.